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This section contains helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions on DinoRPG. However, we encourage you to learn more through playing; the experience is much more rewarding.

26 Results

Where is the lost dog?
Do we get gold every day ?
What to do to obtain the Pearl of Youth?
Why does my wait/turn time keep increasing?
How do I retrieve my Dino´s life?
I just bought a new dino but wait/turn time didn't reset?
Where do I restart when my Dinoz is Dead ?
How do you "group" dinoz?
Where is where? (Game maps)
How to do Kabuki Quest?
what monsters are there?
How to get Zor's Glove?
How to get sponsor ticket?
How do you get across Jummin River?
How to get the Lantern/enter Deep Gorges/Grumhel Forest?
Maximum Dinoz
How many dinos can be in a group?
How to change your Dinoz names?
Maximum level on Dinoz
How to delete / disable skills?
How to get to the Deep Gorges?
Madam X's double skills summary please?
What happens to XP gained after monsters/missions?
How to freeze Dinoz?
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