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The Master Pack gives an array of in-game advantages for as long as it remains active.

When your Master Pack runs out, you are not obliged to renew your subscription. You cannot have multiple packs active simultaneously.

The advantages:

  • 3 special Irma's Potions every day!
    Special Irma's Potions do not accumulate and are limited to 3.
  • Convert your gold into Treasury Notes!
    The shady man will exchange 1250 gold coins for 1 note and he'll convert up to 100 notes per month.
  • 20% more storage!
    for all objects and ingredients.
  • Cosmetic surgery at the clinic! Change your Dinoz' appearance. The chief surgeon will choose their new look. This can only be done once per month.
    Warning: Once a dinoz' appearance has been altered, it cannot be undone.
  • Increased choice of dinoz in the enclosure AND the Demon shop!

A counter will show how many Master Days you have remaining at all times.

Exceptional Offer: With every 6 month Master Pack, you get One Etherwasp Egg.

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