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A fight occurs when your Dinoz is attacked, or attacks another monster. You cannot control your Dinoz during a fight, their attacks are formulated automatically:

Your Dinoz and the other monsters take turns attacking each other. The attacks are a combination of their initiative, speed, and energy. With each successful attack, your opponent will lose health points (as shown in the image above). Your Dinoz must kill all monsters in order to win the fight.

When it is your Dinoz's turn, he can perform one of the following actions:

  • launch an assault, a normal attack
  • perform a special attack, which replaces the assault
  • use an event skill
  • use combat gear


A Dinoz possesses 5 elemental values which are displayed on his page:

Fire, Wood, Water, Lightning, Air.

These elements are organised according to the Grand Elements Cycle explained below:

An element is strong against the two following it and weak against the two preceding it. So, for example, Fire is very strong against Wood and strong against Water, but is very weak against Air and weak against Lightning.


Assaults are always formulated in a precise order which is determined by the combinations of the elemental values - in case of equality, the draw is randomised.

Therefore, a Dinoz in possession of the elements shown above will launch the following assaults:

  • AlwaysLightning first
  • next Wood and Air in an undetermined order
  • then Fire and Water in an undetermined order

Once the five assaults have been completed, your Dinoz will start again with a Lightning assault.

A Dinoz has an assault strength as well as a defense strength for each element depending upon his elemental make-up. These attributes are displayed in the Details tab of your Dinoz's page.

The higher the assault strength of an element, the more damage a Dinoz will inflict upon his opponents when he makes an elemental attack. The higher the Dinoz's defense against an element, the Dinoz will be better protected against the opponents' attacks by this element.


Many monsters use void elemental assaults. This means that all your Dinoz's elemental characteristics are taken into consideration for the defense. However, some monsters use assaults or special attacks of a particular element.


At the end of each fight, your Dinoz will earn coins which allow your Dinoz to heal himself and also earn experience points which you can use to make your Dinoz 'Level Up'.


Each dinoz has a blue energy bar, located next to their health bar. The bar represents the dinoz energy and is half full at the start of a combat. As with the health bar, the maximum value depends on the endurance of the dinoz. A dinoz' endurance varies depending upon skills learned. Bonuses can also increase endurance.

Every skill has an associated energy cost. Every time a skill is used, the energy bar will decrease. Once the bar is empty, the dinoz misses a turn. Some extremely powerful skills require a lot more energy than others.

The energy bar gradually refills during the combat, this is called recovery. The rate at which a dinoz recovers will also vary depending on the skills it has learnt.

A dinoz must wait until it has recovered entirely before it is able to use a skill.

Combat Statuses

During combat, a dinoz status will affect its behaviour, either giving a bonus or a penalty. You can find a list of possible statuses below:
  • This dinoz is asleep. It cannot move.
  • This dinoz cannot be hit by a conventional assault.
  • This dinoz has been slowed down.
  • This dinoz is faster.
  • This dinoz is petrified, so cannot attack.
  • This dinoz has an assault bonus.
  • This dinoz is poisoned and takes damage on every turn.
  • This dinoz currently cannot use all its items.
  • This dinoz is dazzled, it may miss when trying to attack another dinoz.
  • This dinoz is protected by another member of its team.
  • This dinoz has been muted and therefore cannot summon its invocation.
  • This dinoz can copy skills from its adversaries.
  • This dinoz cannot use itms from its inventory.
  • This dinoz has an energy penalty.
  • This dinoz has an energy bonus.
  • This dinoz has a fire defence bonus.
  • This dinoz has a wood defence bonus.
  • This dinoz has a water defence bonus.
  • This dinoz has a lightning defence bonus
  • This dinoz has an air defence bonus.
  • This dinoz has an initiative bonus.
  • This dinoz has an initiative penalty.
  • This dinoz has a dodge bonus.
  • This dinoz has a defence bonus.

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